By Allie Proff, Track Manager

You don’t just create content, you design it. Even more, you design and deliver the same content in different ways for different audiences and different channels.

Content Design and Delivery, one of four tracks offered at the 2020 STC Summit, collects presentations from people in multiple industries.

There are always new things to learn about topics such as DITA and taxonomies, but we also have sessions on how you can integrate AI and machine learning into your content strategy and use data to drive content creation and delivery.

As the world becomes more interconnected, you’ll find sessions on driving global growth of mobile products, writing for a global developer audience, and tips for budgeting your translation project useful.

Finally, we are assembling a Content Design and Delivery panel of experts to share their views on humanizing the content experience.

For more details on each Content Design and Delivery session, see the Full Schedule, on the Summit website and select “Content Design and Delivery” in the Tracks section on the left. We look forward to seeing you online for the 2020 STC Summit!

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