Summit Track Spotlight: Tools and Technology

By Tim Esposito, Track Manager

This year at Summit 2020, STC is arranging presentations into different tracks. One such track is Tools and Technology. What can you expect to find when you attend sessions grouped into tools and technology? Look for leaders in our industry who will be sharing insight into leveraging technology to make your life easier, both professionally and personally.

Some sessions are product-specific, such as learning the details of SnagIt or Adobe Illustrator. Perhaps you’d like to up your communications game by authoring wiki content using Confluence, developing an inexpensive knowledge base, managing knowledge through chat apps, or increasing efficiency when using Microsoft Word. Visions of the near future, or even the cutting edge today, are visited in sessions detailing blockchain, augmented reality, writing for bots, and contextualizing our content for tomorrow. You’ll even learn how to program Alexa. Documentation standards, such as working with DITA, APIs, and Markdown are covered as well. If you are a leader learn how to automate publicity tasks. Additionally, learn how to move content from a classroom to the manufacturing floor, and how to use your innate artistic abilities to sketch your way to success. Finally, we are assembling a Tools and Technology panel of experts to share their views on the roles of technical communicators as we march to the future with technology.

For more details on each Tools and Technology session, see the Summit 2020 schedule, and select “Tools and Technology” in the Tracks section on the left. We look forward to seeing you online for Summit 2020!

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