STC Election Meet the Candidates
This entry is being posted on behalf of Joyce Lam, candidate for Director in the 2021 STC election.

Joyce LamTechnology cannot advance without information. Technical communicators are ambassadors of information and are critical drivers in the flow of information. I work to provide better resources for the future of the industry. I serve to set a higher global standard for technical communication; to concretize the profession in future innovations and advancements of all industries.

My leadership skills developed over 8 years of management roles across different industries and professional organizations across the globe. This helped to mature my abilities to transparently communicate, collaborate, empower, learn, and grow. I have had the privilege of discovering my skills and passion through mentors, researchers, and partners at STC, CIDM, Women in Tech, Women in STEM, Information 4.0 Consortium, and OASIS DITA TC.

Empowerment results to action on ideas, and my initiatives have been realized during my term as the president of the STC Toronto Chapter. I am grateful to every member of the Executive Council and Community Council that made the time and effort to actualize many of my visions, including but not limited to:
  • Building a student placement relationship with York University.
  • Fostering support and resourcing network for returning or new members.
  • Increasing the number, morale, and contribution of council members and volunteers.
  • Building intentional two-way relationships with all members to help develop their individual careers and grow the community.
  • Analyzing, budgeting, planning, recruiting, and overseeing the STC Toronto job bank renovation.
  • Developing the new web site and new initiatives for increasing online resources.
  • Building new teams within council to:
    • Alleviate stress on individual council members.
    • Provide problem-solving environments within teams.
    • Provide freedom and creativity to problem solve and pursue new projects.
    • Provide opportunities to develop management skills and other career skills.

I believe that with more people gaining confidence, skills, and voices, more intelligent minds become available to help solve large and complex problems in the profession and in the world. I am a problem solver who understands my own knowledge is limited. I value the knowledge of every person I encounter and strive to understand their actions, abilities, and impacts within a much larger picture. We achieve success by enabling the combined expertise and efforts of our peers. If everyone is empowered to execute their passions and skills, a community is motivated and innovative. I look forward to helping foster a healthy environment for STC to continue achieving higher heights.

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