STC Election Meet the Candidates
This entry is being posted on behalf of Roger Renteria, candidate for Nominating Committee in the 2021 STC election.
Roger RenteriaHello STC Members, my name is Roger Renteria and I am running for the Nominating Committee (NomComm) position.

Why You Should Consider Me

You deserve a candidate for the Nominating Committee (NomComm) who is knowledgeable about the Society on various levels, the field of technical communication, and related professions; is actively connected with a wide range of Society members; and has past hiring committee experience.

  I am running for this position so I can recruit and assist with selecting a set of inspiring and dedicated leaders for the Society.

  The most important attributes for being a NomComm member include having:
  • experience vetting potential candidates for leadership roles,
  • knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities for each position,
  • and a wide network of professionals who could be potential leadership candidates
In addition, I think NomComm members should have a feel for what the technical communication industry currently faces and be able to recruit potential talent among STC members who have the skills and expertise to contribute meaningfully and professionally for the Society.  

How I intend to use these most important attributes is to find candidates who are ready for leadership with STC, be able to evaluate and match their current skills and experience with the demands for Director or NomComm roles and responsibilities, and use my professional connections to recruit members who I think will make effective leaders with our Society.  

For example, I meet many professionals while attending technical communication conferences, committees, and chapter meetings. I actively engage with a diverse group of professionals.

My contributions to the Society over the past decade include holding various Chapter officer positions and being a proposal reviewer and presenter for various Summits. Visit the 2021 Election Slate website to see my full biography.

My Past Workplace Hiring Experience

I am frequently invited by my directors and supervisors to participate in hiring committees because they value my contributions while vetting candidates and making recommendations. This hard and tedious work has resulted in hiring high-quality employees. I want to use my hiring experience to help the Society on the NomComm.

My Support for the Society

I want to be your next NomComm member to help enhance the Society and further develop professionals I meet to the next level of their career. I would be greatly honored to help the Society as a Nominating Committee member.

Where Can You Reach Me?

If you have any questions or thoughts, I am happy to hear from you! Email me at, tweet at me on Twitter (, connect with me on LinkedIn (, or look forward to chat with you in the STC Communities group on Slack.  

Thank you,

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