STC Election Meet the Candidates
This entry is being posted on behalf of Sree Pattabiraman, candidate for Director in the 2021 STC election.
Sree PattabiramanSTC has played an active role in every step of my career. From being my go-to resource to learn about technical communication when I was starting out, to helping me find information about graduate programs, providing educational and job-related resources, and connecting me with the technical communication community.

As someone who has had the opportunity to work with eminent STC leaders, I see running for the board election as an invaluable opportunity for me to give back to the tech comm fraternity. I have been a volunteer with STC Carolina since 2016 and I would like to expend my skills and expertise beyond the Carolinas region and serve as a part of a larger team to help promote and advance the Technical Communication profession.

My past leadership positions in the STC Carolina chapter, especially the role of a President has been an asset in helping me understand the functioning of a community better, manage risks, work efficiently as part of a team, speak with chapter members directly, collaborate with leaders from other organizations, and listen to constructive feedback to become the best version of myself.

Being a contributing member of various organizations, be it at a collegiate level or a professional level, I know the importance of embracing an organization’s values and providing an inclusive environment for its members to thrive. My leadership philosophy is built on this premise and I strongly believe in creating an atmosphere in which people feel welcome to share their ideas, perspectives, and concerns, no matter how big or small. I take immense pride in inculcating a sense of community for future STC Carolina chapter leaders and empowering them with the knowledge required to run the organization.

My work in creating partnerships with tech comm tools vendors for the Carolina chapter has benefited numerous members, including students, career changers, and recent graduates. This in turn resulted in our chapter earning the coveted Pacesetter Award during the STC Leadership Day 2020. If elected as a member of the board, I will strive to use my networking skills and potential to create similar opportunities for members, communities, and leaders across the globe.

Although I may not have an answer to every problem, I will ensure that STC members and communities feel seen, heard, and supported. As someone who does not shy away from holding myself accountable or asking for help, I hope you can support me in this endeavor by giving me your vote. I look forward to continuing my contributions to the profession.

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