STC Election Meet the Candidates
This entry is being posted on behalf of Theresa Daudier, candidate for Director in the 2021 STC election.
Theresa DaudierI am running for Director of the STC because I believe in the value of the STC and I would like the opportunity to contribute to the organization that has helped me launch and sustain a successful career and become a knowledgeable professional in the field. I am a relatively young professional and while I value the expertise of the people who have been TechComm professionals for many years, I believe there is value in looking at the perspectives of people who have been in the field a shorter time. I would like to be a representative on the board who brings this perspective along with my professional expertise.

I am interested in representing the STC community chapter experience. I have belonged to and volunteered with the San Diego chapter of the STC for the past several years. During this time, I have held various roles such as social media manager, webmaster, volunteer outreach coordinator, and most recently, president and immediate-past president. I have experienced directly the leadership challenges of maintaining a community and its connection to STC. I think it is important for STC board members to have a deep understanding of what the individual community experience is like.

So why Director?

As a TechComm professional, my favorite aspects of the job are strategic planning, creative application of new concepts, and information architecture. I am a naturally innovative thinker and I constantly look for applications of my insights in the organizations to which I belong. As an STC Director candidate, I hope to bring my unique point of view to the STC board and help devise strategic solutions that will benefit both the STC global organization and the STC local communities.

I have past experience starting and managing global projects across office locations and cultures. This has prepared me to interact with people of varying backgrounds, cultures, time zones, and points of view.

My leadership philosophy is about empowering others to do more and helping to set up systems that enable members to contribute in a meaningful way. I think flexibility is key—allowing for members to contribute in the capacity they are comfortable with without holding them to rigid standards.

I think that as an organization grows in membership and persists through time, it has to adapt to the needs of its members. Those needs change and evolve as jobs and technologies change. In turn, members have to adapt to the changes in technology and the users of technology. It is normal that the specifics of what TechComm is will change and evolve. I think it is exciting and is one reason I chose TechComm as a career path. I see the STC as a partner that can help members as they navigate their careers, develop lifelong connections with fellow professionals, and step into the unknown.

I hope that serving as an STC Director will allow me to not only be an asset to the STC, but also to be a visible proponent of the profession. I want to be able to be a part of fostering excitement and curiosity in members and future members who want to establish a career in TechComm, grow a career in TechComm, or continue on their path in the world of TechComm.

I also want to be an advocate for Techcomm and all of what falls under that umbrella. Since STC is an authority in TechComm, I sincerely value my membership and involvement with the organization over the years and look forward to being involved in a growing capacity.

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