A plan tailored for technical communicators

In technical communication, the right roles can be difficult to identify, specifically, positions that align with your interests, skills, and experience. In “Performing a Skill Inventory and Gap Analysis to Land the Perfect Role,” speaker Victoria Berger provided the tools needed for technical writers.

Focus Your Efforts

Berger asked attendees to create a list of strengths and interests. She then had attendees create a list of 10 wants in a future role.

The items on your list do not have to all match; what you are really looking for are those things that overlap and that will give you a good idea of what specific combination of roles and skills would be best suited for you.

Berger recommended each attendee pull three items from a larger list of job qualities, responsibilities, and requirements. That whittled-down list then becomes the minimum requirements for any preliminary research into new positions.

Continue Your Education

What if, Berger asks, a future applicant desires to fill knowledge gaps or break into a new industry? According to Berger, the answer is continuing education.

To discover knowledge gaps and opportunity for continuing education, job seekers should compare the skills they possess with the skills a future position requires. Any skills missing should serve as guidance for continuing education.

Berger said job seekers could gain practical experience by contributing to an Open Source project like Your First PR, Issuehub.io, and Up for Grabs. Of course, Berger said, job seekers should always look inward to the STC network when or job hunting and continuing education.

Personal Branding

But what about after any knowledge gap and job requirements are known? Berger said job seekers should focus on personal branding. That begins with a solid portfolio—a single destination featuring the best examples of job seekers’ abilities. A solid portfolio, according to Berger, includes 6-8 pieces, enough to cover a wealth of expertise, but not too much to overwhelm a reviewer.

After the portfolio is created, Berger said it is imperative to update it at least once a year to account for any new skills and projects. And, to continue networking, Berger suggested job seekers create a website as a hub that can be shared across social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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