It goes without saying that technical communicators need to stay on their toes, keep their eyes open, and evolve their skill set. There’s no better way to learn about industry trends and to have the opportunity to network with colleagues than by attending the 2022 STC Summit. This year’s conference theme is primed for this purpose: The Booming Business of Content: A New Era, New Opportunities.

This 2022 STC Summit eliminated learning tracks. One reason for this elimination was to focus on what’s new and interesting, while not limiting or putting potential presentation ideas in a box. The open track format will give attendees a wider selection of learning opportunities and the chance to mingle with industry experts. It’s a definite win for attendees.

Currently, the job market is strong; however, technical communicators must stay ahead. Getting cozy in a role for many years may seem like a great idea, until the job market takes a turn and employers decide to restructure and eliminate positions. Realistically, knowing and having implemented some of the industry trends helps to ease the pain when you’re on the wrong side of a staff reduction. The conference also gives you the platform to build a professional network, as it’s often who you know that helps you find your next gig.

Those who make time and spend time on learning and expanding their skills are ideal candidates for new opportunities, when they come along. Those who don’t stay current will struggle to find another position. As a former hiring manager, I looked for candidates who were life-long learners, those who morphed themselves into meeting business objectives and those who weren’t afraid of change.

Ultimately, the conference has something for everyone. Consider attending so that you remain ahead and build that network. The conference website has two articles for potential attendees as well: Convince Your Boss and Make Your Business Case.

Hope to see you at the Summit!

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