2024 Ken Rainey Award Announced

The Society for Technical Communication is pleased to announce Dr. Isidore Dorpenyo as the 2024 recipient of the Ken Rainey Award for Distinguished Research.

Dr. Isidore’s work at the intersection election technologies and international technical communication has made significant contributions to sustained conversations about social justice and civic engagement. Moreover, his work extends to broader methodological and pedagogy issues in localization, user experience, and teaching social justice in technical communication classrooms.

One letter in support of his nomination states, “Dr. Dorpenyo is one of the most influential scholars in technical communication, especially as it relates to issues of technical communication in the Global South.” Another writes, “Dr. Dorpenyo values epistemological practices that privilege collectivity in ways that promote innovation and imagination, and he is extremely committed to the advancement of new knowledge in technical and professional communication.”

Dr. Dorpenyo has published numerous articles in the field, such as Technical Communication, the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and Technical Communication Quarterly. His work on election technologies culminates in the book User Localization Strategies in the Face of Technological Breakdown: Biometic in Ghana’s Elections. An excellent teacher of technical communication, Dr. Dorpenyo has won multiple teaching awards. He is coauthor on “Curricular Efforts in Technical Communication After the Social Justice Turn,” awarded the 2023 CCC Technical and Scientific Communication Award for Best Article on Pedagogy or Curriculum in Technical and Scientific Technical Communication.

Thank to the Ken Rainey Award Committee for their work this year: Julie Gerdes (Chair),Dan Richards, Jason Tham, Erin Trauth, Veronica Joyner, and Jamal-Jared Alexander.

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