Summit Buddy Program back for 2024!

It’s back!

The STC Summit Buddy Program pairs first-time Summit attendees with returning Summit attendees.

  • Returning attendees provide guidance by sharing insights on navigating sessions, networking, and maximizing opportunities to enhance the newcomers’ conference experience.
  • For first-time attendees, your job as a Buddy is to experience all that Summit has to offer while making new connections with your buddy! Ask your buddy questions about the society, the conference, and all things tech comm. We hope your buddy can help make your first Summit memorable and as smooth as possible.

Things you can do as a Buddy:

  • Request or facilitate introductions
  • Travel to a social event together
  • Sit together at a keynote
  • Discuss easy ways to volunteer with STC
  • Having a staring contest. Whoever blinks first buys the other a coffee!

We hope this program enriches the experience for both parties by fostering camaraderie and facilitating mutual learning among all STC members.


Complete a Summit Buddy Program form so that we can connect new attendees and veteran attendees together.

Please respond by 6 May 2024. We’ll be in touch soon with news about your new buddy!

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