In case you don’t follow the Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group (IDL SIG) on their blog, earlier this month they announced exciting news: students can attend any of the SIG’s webinars for free! We’ll let the SIG take it from here.

Attention students and academic professionals!

The STC Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group proudly announces a new benefit for students who want to explore the world of technical instruction in electronic and traditional classroom settings.

Students can now attend our webinars for free.

Yep, that’s right. Students and academic professionals can now attend our webinars for free.

How do I qualify?

Students who register with a *.edu email address can attend for free. Explorers are welcome. You do not need to be enrolled in a tech comm or IDL program. As long as you’re a student and you’re curious, you are invited to join us. Academic professionals, we want you, too. Whether you’re a professor, instructor, advisor, or campus butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, you are in touch with students exploring what they want to become. We want you to feel free to register for our webinars so that you can have answers when they have questions.

How do I register?

Register on Eventbrite and choose the free Students and academics ticket. All your registration information, as well as the link to the webinar before the session, will be sent to your *.edu email address.

Why are you doing this?

The SIG strives to promote sound design practices, provide information, and educate about instructional theory and research. We accomplish this mission by building internal and external partnerships, and by having activities that increase awareness about our field. See our complete mission statement on our About page and join us online in our LinkedIn group, our Facebook page, and on Twitter. If you have more questions, contact our co-managers Viqui and Lori at
Bravo, IDL SIG!

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