GALA Standards Initiative Requesting Help with the Model Service Elements Project

The below is adapted from an email invitation from the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

You are invited to help the GALA Standards Initiative with the Model Service Elements project, which aims to define standard service descriptions for the localization industry. GALA believes that this effort will help promote transparency and best practice for the industry and lead to better quality and satisfaction rates.

There are three easy ways you can help this project move along:

  • Survey. Take a short survey on how you obtain or provide quotes for localization services. This survey will help GALA identify what information language service providers ask for to provide bids and what information buyers of services typically include in RFPs. To take this survey, follow one of these two links: 
  • Localization process documentation. If you have any sort of documentation of your localization processes that you can share (either online or in an off-line document), please send an email with information on how to obtain it. This information can be kept confidential if required and will help determine how the variety of process models relate to one another.
  • Guidelines for localization services. If you have prepared any guidelines for buyers of localization services or educational materials you use internally for educating staff about localization issues that you can share, GALA would like to see how companies present this information to their prospective clients or internal stakeholders. If you can share anything of these sorts of materials, please send an email with what you can share.

If you can assist with any (or all) of these requests, it will help GALA prepare first drafts of the model service elements. GALA will credit all contributors (except those who wish to remain anonymous) in the Model Service Elements results (to be delivered in Q1 2012).

If you would like to get more closely involved with this project, visit and sign up for the group.