How STC Builds a Better Technical Communicator

Note: This is the first of (hopefully) many tweets and social media shout-outs that we plan to share in the coming weeks. If you see a tweet that talks about one of the many benefits of being an STC member (such as networking at a chapter meeting!), please forward it to @stc_org on Twitter or email the URL to Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger.

3 thoughts on “How STC Builds a Better Technical Communicator”

  1. I had a similar experience at a networking event this past week. It wasn’t an STC event, but it’s a tech writing and editing project, so my STC membership was definitely a selling point in the conversation.

  2. Congratulations Rachel. This outlines excitedly why it is important for Technical Communicators to belong to professional institutes like the STC. Work is unlikely to come your way unless you try to look for it, and what better way to find it than to network with like minded individuals. It is often a forgotten benefit of membership.

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