Important Information About STC Community Mailing Lists

Recently STC switched from one mailing list host provider to another. Because of this change, it is necessary for you to re-register for your SIG and Chapter mailing list(s).

Your community manager may have already sent out an invitation to the new mailing list to all members and will be sending out a reminder soon. If you have not seen these messages, please look in your spam folders or old email account(s) for the original email and be on the lookout for the reminder. If you have not already received an invitation, please visit to join your SIG or Chapter mailing list.

Access to the mailing list is an important aspect of community membership and is your lifeline to your SIG or Chapter. Please watch carefully for this email and re-register when invited, or register yourself online.

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition. If you have any questions about the mailing lists, contact Kobla Fiagbedzi.