Learn More About the STC Vice President Candidates

The STC election starts tomorrow, 9 March. This election is an important one; do you know the candidates? Read about candidates for each position on the STC election page.

Last week, we linked you to a recording of a webinar discussion between the two candidates for Vice President, Victoria Koster-Lenhardt and Alan Houser. Today we bring you two more sets of links. These have been posted over the past few days, but we wanted to present them together and let you learn about both candidates.

First up are audio interviews with Alan and Victoria, conducted by Tom Johnson of IdRatherBeWriting. He asked them each the same five questions; hear their answers with the podcasts. In addition, Scott Abel and The Content Wrangler conducted written interviews with the candidates. Read the responses from Victoria and Alan for their thoughts.

You must have renewed your STC membership by 28 February to vote. Those who are eligible will receive an email with their username and password. If you believe you are eligible to vote and do not receive an email by noon EST on Wednesday, 9 March, email Steve Skojec.

2 thoughts on “Learn More About the STC Vice President Candidates”

  1. I have my ballot info and will be voting today. I’m not sure it’s going to make a difference at this point (seems board changes impact STC very little), but damnit I’m going to vote.

  2. I voted today!

    From having been on the Nominating Committee (2007-2009), 14% of the membership vote in the election in an *average* year. There have been years where that percentage goes up, but on average, only 14% of the membership votes.

    I’d like to see that percentage go up.

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