Links of Interest, 5 March: ICC, Help, Crowdsource, and More

Razorfish attended the recent Intelligent Content Conference and posted a number of blog entries. Read their thoughts on Day 1, Day 2, Conference Workshops, and a Wrap-up.

 Spyrestudios posits that the power of the new crowdsource is the evolution of online help.

I Heart Technical Writing presents a review of RoboHelp 9.

HelpScribe explores how you can harness Google search for your help content.

And finally, Tom Johnson compiles a list of a few upcoming conferences to check out.

1 thought on “Links of Interest, 5 March: ICC, Help, Crowdsource, and More”

  1. Crowdsource… I posted a comment there (waiting approval) but no, it’s not crowdsourcing. It’s social problem solving. We humans have been doing it since the dawn of our time, and have been continually evolving our tools for doing so. To take a recent history: Compuserve, forums, mailing lists, social networks, Twitter, Quora (in about that order) in the past 20 years.

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