Meet the Candidates – Lori Meyer

This entry is being posted on behalf of Lori Meyer, candidate for Nominating Committee in the 2016 STC election. More information about Lori can be found on her STC election page.

My name is Lori Meyer, and I am honored to be a candidate for the STC Nominating Committee in 2016. The role I am seeking will be filled this year by two elected candidates, who will work with the existing Nominating Committee members to seek, evaluate, and select the candidates for next year’s Society leadership positions…candidates who you in turn elect. Members of the Nominating Committee are not actual voting members of the STC Board, but their role is critical nonetheless — because they are responsible for offering a slate of qualified candidates who are committed to serving STC and all of its members.

I have been a technical communicator for more than three decades, as a writer, editor, and curriculum developer. During that time, I have seen phenomenal changes in our profession, which has evolved from the traditional “technical publications” model to a multifaceted content development model spanning many skill sets, team structures, and delivery options for both the public and private sectors. STC’s leaders must have the ability to draw the best from our history as a profession to envision a future with amazing possibilities for tomorrow’s technical communicators. Our best leaders will keep their eyes on the stars and their feet firmly on the ground.

I believe that the perspective of having served as a leader and volunteer for many STC communities will provide me with valuable insights for identifying excellent candidates for STC leadership positions. I have held pretty much every position available in an STC community, including chapter president, SIG manager, secretary, treasurer, membership manager, program manager, conference co-chair, competition judge, webmaster, and just plain volunteer. All of these experiences have exposed me to a variety of ideas and leadership styles. I have been with these communities through many successes and challenges. It has been a rewarding, challenging, and ultimately redeeming journey that I believe has made me a better communicator and a stronger and more empathetic leader.

I would now like to take this diversity of experience and apply it to the important work of the Nominating Committee. I am a good listener with a sincere desire to help our Society find leaders who believe in the value of the work we do, who see the remarkable potential of our profession as place to grow professionally, and who are ready, through service, to shine a light on the best in their colleagues.

I seek this position as part of an abundantly skilled and accomplished slate of candidates for STC office. I will be honored to have your vote — but whoever you select to lead STC in the coming year, please make an informed decision. Bookmark the STC 2016 Election page (, and get to know all of us. Ask us questions on the Forum page, and take advantage of this opportunity for two-way communication with us.

Thank you for considering me for this leadership role. You can read more about me on my blog (, on my LinkedIn profile, and via Twitter (@lrmeyer747).

Lori Meyer
STC Fellow
Candidate for Nominating Committee


Voting for STC election starts 29 February and ends 11 March. Check out more about election candidates on the STC election site, or ask a question on the election forum.