Recognition Thursday: Community Achievement Awards

We return again to Recognition Thursday, highlighting the best and the brightest of STC members and communities. Today we highlight the honorees in the Community Achievement Awards. The Community Achievement Award recognizes a SIG, professional, or student chapter’s outstanding accomplishments in achieving the Society’s goals through a wide range of programs and activities. Congratulations to the great communities listed below!

All of the communities honored with Community of Distinction or Community of Excellence will be feted at the Honors Banquet at the STC Summit and invited on stage for a group photograph, so if you’re attending the Summit be sure to add a ticket to the Honors Banquet when you register. If you’ve already registered and wish to add an Honors Banquet ticket to your Summit experience, email STC.

Communities of Distinction


For your thorough and ongoing commitment to education in all its forms: for students and new practitioners in the form of your scholarship and internship programs, for your co-sponsoring of the eLearning & Technology Showcase, and for your active participation in preparation as host chapter for the Technical Communication Summit in 2012.


For your successful merger with the STC SpaceTech Chapter, your improvements in chapter communications, and your strong commitment to job-seekers and student involvement.


For your successful effort to expand student member voting rights, your development of an impressive Community Handbook, and your cooperative and collaborative efforts to reach out to other chapters and new sponsors.

Washington, DC–Metro Baltimore

For your successful merger of the Washington DC and Metro Baltimore chapters, your inaugural James Madison University event, and continuing a decades-long tradition of hosting an STC Summit Awards Technical Communications Competition.

Communities of Excellence


For your successful merger with the STC Foothills Chapter, your strong commitment to partnering with other STC chapters, streamlining your competitions, and your innovative “unconference.”


For providing numerous networking events throughout your metro area, encouraging attendance at meetings by offering cost-effective program packages, and recruiting corporate sponsors to underwrite the activities of STC Houston.


For providing a wealth of educational opportunities for members, including conferences, webinars, workshops, and the library.

Northeast Ohio

For your successful efforts to involve the chapter and its members in the professional life of the larger community via your participation in the Cleveland Technical Societies Council, for your encouragement of volunteerism within the chapter, and for your support of educational opportunities for students and practicing professionals.

Philadelphia Metro

For sponsoring a respected regional conference, embracing social media to enhance communication with members, seeking improvements to chapter operations, and promoting the value of STC membership.


For effectively planning membership development, recruiting numerous corporate sponsors, establishing an innovative sibling relationship with STC Toronto, and continuing the amazing legacy of the Spectrum conference. 

Willamette Valley

For actively working to revitalize the chapter by providing a variety of programs, networking opportunities, and mentoring.

Academic SIG

For developing innovative activities that build bridges between those who practice in the field of technical communication and those who teach and study in the field.

Instructional Design & Learning SIG

For your support and facilitation of the expansion of members’ skill sets through scholarships and webinars, and for providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas through your newsletter and a variety of social media.

Technical Editing SIG

For your development of innovative programs such as the Watercooler chat sessions, which is an inspiration to other communities, and for your continued commitment to your scholarship program.

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