Recognition Wednesday: Community Achievement Awards

As mentioned earlier today, there are so many honorees this year that Recognition Monday has spilled over to Recognition Wednesday! Below are this years honorees for the Community Achievement Awards. Attending the Summit and want to help celebrate them in person? Sign up for the Honors Banquet when you register, or email Cheryl Miller if you’ve already registered for the Summit and want to add the Honors Banquet.

The Community Achievement Awards (CAA) program recognizes STC chapters and special interest groups (SIGs) for exceptional accomplishments in meeting Society goals. The awards not only acknowledge that the obligations of a properly functioning community have been met, but that the winning communities have performed well beyond expectations.

The awards program recognizes, in a visible and meaningful manner, communities that demonstrate outstanding, innovative, and sustained performance in advancing the goals of the Society. STC recognizes the following communities for their efforts. Thank you to the committee, Tricia Spayer, Karen Lane, Mak Pandit, MaryKay Grueneberg, and Jamye Sagan.

Communities of Distinction

For your impressive involvement with other technical communication communities—both within and outside of the Society—in promoting each other’s events, as well as with the general community in hosting résumé review events.

For your overall strength in providing your members with a solid connection to the technical communication profession through your many educational programs and high commitment to volunteerism.

Northeast Ohio
For your dedication to your members and to the promotion of the technical communication field with an impressive number of initiatives and strong ties to the community and students in your area.

Orlando Central Florida
For making change happen for the better—you have demonstrated the core of STC values by collaborating with multiple STC communities and educational entities.

Texas Tech University
For your outstanding service to students, bringing educational programs and professional development opportunities to future practitioners.

Communities of Excellence

For your many programs in service to your members, your strong exemplary commitment to reach your members by way of a variety of communication media, and for your Speakers’ Bureau collaboration.

East Bay
For your commitment to leadership development, your excellent variety of programs, your ongoing commitment to the Technical Literacy Project, and for being the “friendly chapter.”

New England
For revitalizing your community by re-launching your website, job bank, competitions, and InterChange conference, and for providing myriad effective programs and social events, thus ensuring a stable foundation on which to rebuild your community

New York Metro
For the hard work of your volunteers to make New York Metro one of the most vibrant and happening communities within STC. You have created a legacy for your future leaders.

Philadelphia Metro
For revamping your website and creating an active blog, your impressive number of chapter initiatives, your continuing to provide the Mid-Atlantic Conference, and your ongoing commitment to providing excellent programs.

For the remarkable quantity of formal and informal networking activities for both current and prospective members, and for nearly doubling your membership enrollment in a year’s time.

For nurturing the future of technical communication, not only by involving the student community through your mentorship program and volunteer opportunities with your annual Spectrum conference, but also by your generous sharing of knowledge with other STC members so their communities can also excel.

Washington DC–Baltimore
For your substantial program offerings, your Vision Day planning, innovative resources such as, another successful Tech the Halls event, your beautiful new website, and for fostering an overall sense of chapter pride.

Willamette Valley
For increasing the value of membership to your community through a revitalized chapter that provides low-cost programming and significant member and volunteer recognition.

Academic SIG
For your promotion of the field of technical communication to the academic community through an impressive number of innovative activities and your extensive involvement with the STC Summit and the STC Academic Partnership Pre-Conference.

Instructional Design & Learning SIG
For excellence in reaching out to community members through newsletters, virtual open house, and social media.

Technical Editing SIG
For setting clear goals, formulating strategies, and coming up with an execution plan that works through the years—for one of the largest communities in STC!

Communities of Merit

For improving STC visibility and professional standing in the community through a high number of quality initiatives, especially the Think-Tank and Debate contests.

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