STC 2012 Slate of Candidates

This message is being posted on behalf of Mark Clifford, chair of the STC Nominating Committee. If you have questions, please email Mark.

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, I’m pleased to announce the 2012 slate of candidates for Society office. Please note that the election slate presented below is based on the current Society Bylaws. These are available for review online.

NOTE: All STC members must have paid their dues by 29 February 2012 to be eligible to vote in the election.

Congratulations to all of the candidates, and thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in running for office.

For President
Alan Houser will automatically succeed from Vice President.

Candidates on the slate for the 2012 STC election

For Vice President
Nicky Bleiel
Robert Dianetti

For Secretary
Alyssa Fox
Michael Opsteegh

For Director (two positions to be elected)
Bernard Aschwanden
Ray Gallon
Li-At Ruttenberg

For Nominating Committee (two positions to be elected)
DJ Cline
Bonni Graham
Judy Glick-Smith
John Hedtke

The 2012 Society election is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM EST (GMT-5) on 2 March and end 23 March 2012 at 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4). Please watch the STC website after 2 January 2012 for detailed information about the candidates and to access a question and answer area that you can use to ask questions of the candidates.

UPDATE (20 December 2012):

Nomination by petition. Additional candidates for the Nominating Committee and the positions of director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President may be nominated by petition of the lesser of (1) four percent of the voting members or (2) 400 voting members. … The full name and address of each signatory to such a petition must be typed or printed adjacent to the signature. The petition must be accompanied by the candidate’s signed statements of acceptance and of agreement to abide by the binding documents in the applicable Society handbook or manual, as amended from time to time, and pertinent biographical data. The name of any candidate qualified in accordance with the Bylaws and properly nominated by petition must appear on the final slate and ballot.

(STC Bylaws, Article 8, Section 2:D)

Candidates wishing to run by petition must submit their petition to Steve Skojec, Director of Community Relations and Liaison to the STC Nominating Committee, no later than 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on 13 January 2012. Petitions may be sent in hard copy to the STC Office or by email.

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  1. Once again the Nominating Committee has complicated my life. It’s going to be really tough choosing from among these candidates because they’re all excellent.

    Seriously, to those who are running: Heartfelt thanks for stepping up and volunteering to serve STC in this way.

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