STC Carolina Offers Free Webinar on Increasing Interactivity in Training

The STC Carolina Chapter is offering a free webinar on 19 April titled “Ten Techniques for Increasing Interactivity in Training,” presented by Joel Gendelman of Future Technologies. The techniques described in this program would also be useful in presentations such as those at the Summit. While the webinar is free, please register in advance.

Interaction is critical to successful training. We are social animals and we typically enjoy working with others. These interactions also encourage doing. Both interacting and doing provide your attendees with opportunities to internalize the information in your virtual training and make it their own. This is easier when all parties are in the same room; it’s a bit more difficult when they are not. That is why you need to attend this session. It will provide you with solid strategies to:

  • Move beyond polling
  • Imagine innovative interactions and make them happen
  • Create planted questions
  • Employ virtual icebreakers and other games

The program and webinar will begin at 6:30 PM EDT (GMT-4). See the Carolina Chapter’s website for more information and to register.

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