STC President and CEO to Appear on The Amazing Race

The team of STC President Nicky Bleiel and CEO Chris Lyons has been selected by CBS to appear on the next season of the hit reality show The Amazing Race, scheduled to air starting in September 2014.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us,” enthused Lyons, “to show the entire world that technical communicators are, well, amazing!” He then nudged the interviewer with his elbow and queried, “Did you see what I did there? Amazing? Get it??”

Bleiel was equally excited, explaining why she thought the duo had a great shot at winning. “We’ll have the power of STC and technical communication behind us,” she promised. “We’ll be able to call on globalization and localization experts as we travel from country to country; experience in minimalism will help us break competitions down to their core; plain language skills will let us communicate easily with everyone; we’ll be able to remain Agile throughout; and of course can distill the instructions down clearly.”

The duo has been given a list of prospective cities that will be part of the show and are already looking forward to establishing new STC chapters when they visit. “Cairo, Manila, Bangkok, Edinburgh … soon all of these cities, and more, will have an STC chapter,” promised Lyons. “And don’t print this part, but when I was in Italy on vacation last month I hid a few items in a waterproof container in the canals that will help us out when we travel to Venice!”

Congratulations to Chris and Nicky for being selected, and best of luck in The Amazing Race! Click here to follow their trek across the globe and into the hearts of the viewers!