Villegas Views: Digital Content is Not the Only Content Out There

While at the STC Summit in Phoenix last month, I had an opportunity to do something I couldn’t do elsewhere, which was have a face-to-face conversation with Dr. Miles Kimball from Texas Tech University. I’m interested in getting my technical communication PhD from Texas Tech, but have been hesitant to apply for the degree because of cost, time, lack of ideas for a thesis topic, and terror in doing certain types of research. Only after talking to him did I find out that several of my fears were unfounded. The kind of research I do like to do can still be done, the program would help me figure out how to pursue topics that would work for me, and many students in the program take one class at a time per semester on a part-time basis because of work obligations, so my situation is not unique. Now, it’s just the cost and the GREs I have to pass as my obstacles!

Villegas Views: 2014 STC Summit was HOT!!

My perspective this year was different since it was my second Summit. While there were some things I knew to expect, I had some new experiences, too. My anxieties about meeting people were lessened, as I knew a lot of attendees. I made an attempt to say at least a “hello” to everyone I knew. (If I missed you, I’m sorry! Next time!) I made new friends as well.  From a social aspect, this year was easier because I had befriended so many people from last year’s Summit. I never had to be by myself, and there was always good conversation going on around me.