Upcoming Webinar on 11 April: Scenario-Driven Information Architecture

Now more than ever, technical communicators must find ways to recession-proof jobs and careers, use scarce resources strategically, and find new ways to demonstrate business-critical value-add. At the same time, you must maintain your role as end-user advocates by identifying innovative ways to improve the usability of your products and information. The good news is that the tried and true technique of using scenarios to define an information architecture can solve these challenges! Join Alyson Riley and Diedre Longo on Wednesday, 11 April, from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) for Scenario-Driven Information Architecture and learn how.

This practical session will teach you about scenarios-how to use scenarios to drive high-value content and eliminate low-value effort. The presenters will discuss the details of an effective scenario, how to create or adapt scenarios for your use, how to employ them to develop an information strategy, and techniques to get extra value from scenarios. Come see how scenarios can empower you to make meaningful change in your work environment!

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  1. I missed this session. Is the Scenario-Driven Information Architecture session available for download? Or by video?
    thank you,
    Jessie de Jong

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