Upcoming Webinar on 18 July: Styles Gone Wild? CSS Concepts in a Nutshell

New online content techniques like multichannel publishing and responsive design rely heavily on best practices for development. One of the most important of those practices is the use of styles and style sheets, in line with W3C recommendations that style codes be removed from HTML files and put in a style sheet, or CSS, instead. The result will be cleaner, more future-proofed content.

If you’re new to CSS, it may look impenetrable but there actually is logic to it. Understand that logic and the rest begins to fall into place. Start the journey with a special Friday live Web seminar, Styles Gone Wild? CSS Concepts in a Nutshell, presented by Neil Perlin on 18 July from 1:00-2:00 PM EDT (GMT-4). You’ll look at:

  • The basic logic of CSS
  • How CSS styles differ from Word styles
  • Two definitions of “cascading”
  • Why relative font sizes are important for future-proofing our content
  • CSS3, media queries, and responsive design
  • Some best practices
  • Sources of information

If you’ve decided that it’s time to make serious and correct use of styles but aren’t sure where to start, this presentation will get you going.