Upcoming Webinar on 8 July: Taking Help to the Next Step: Embedded Video

People are more connected than ever and video is becoming the ubiquitous channel for delivering how-to content to the connected world. Product help no longer has to be static text and long descriptive passages. That rich text content can be delivered as short video clips embedded into online help, meaning that text can be minimized to key points for those users who need only a simple answer, while complex content can be delivered as a quick video tutorial, reducing complex help documents to simple content that is more likely to be used. Get a primer in “taking help to the next step” with the live Web seminar Taking Help to the Next Step: Embedded Video, presented by Matthew West on Tuesday, 8 July, at 10:00 AM EDT (GMT-4).

Traditional software help documentation is static and often complex. By simplifying the text and graphic content to only the essential elements, users can find the most relevant information quickly and easily. When a user wants to go beyond the basics, text and graphic-based help can be too dense. People learn best by watching someone else perform a task. Video brings the words and pictures to life.

Genesys is incorporating short video “how-tos” into product help documentation. For each user interface, short videos bring the text and screen shots to life by showing the user how to perform simple or even complex sets of steps to complete a task. Video enhances the traditional help and aids visual learners. This is particularly useful for products that have a complex interface where the user might get lost looking for a user interface element or forget where they are in a complex procedure.