Vacation Time … but the Blog Must Go On!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger is taking off for a week, starting tomorrow (Thursday, 21 July) and will return to the office on Friday, 29 July. Destination: Los Angeles for a few days and then Las Vegas for a few more!

But don’t worry, your regularly scheduled blog will continue, with some preprogrammed features sure to delight, entertain, amuse, or at least fill up space until I get back. I’m counting on all of you to be here upon my return to welcome me back, too.

In the meantime, check out the below photo: almost two and a half years of accumulated coins, cashed in at the local Coinstar for gambling money. How much money do you think is in the jar? Place your guess in the comments section, and I’ll check back Monday morning to see who’s closest. The winning guess gets their choice of a $5 bet placed in Vegas for you and any potential winnings. So include your guess plus the bet you want made if you win, and keep your fingers crossed! [Note: Book is a regular 6×9 hardcover, included to show size. Click on photos for a larger image.]


12 thoughts on “Vacation Time … but the Blog Must Go On!”

    1. $259.56 American (converted to only $245.76 Canadian, because our dollar is worth more today).

  1. $129.99 American. Ooops, is it too late? I didn’t see that you had concluded the contest. No winner was announced. Who won? How much money was in the jar?

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