Who’s There for Communities? Emily Alfson! Meet the CAC Team for 2015-2016

Community leaders will be glad to hear that once again, the STC Community Affairs Committee (CAC) has got their back in 2015-2016. If you need help, feel stuck, or just want ideas, look to the CAC as your connection to STC resources, Board of Directors, and staff.

Let’s introduce this year’s team so you can reach out.

Emily Alfson

Leadership Day Lead

Emily Alfson

Leadership Day 2016 will be packed full of information for new and current leaders. It will cover a wide variety of topics, including the basic requirements for communities, managing community finances, social media, and more!

Emily is Technical Writer and Knowledge Manager at MOTOR Information Systems in Troy, Michigan. She creates and manages API documentation and is responsible for knowledge and document management. Emily’s previous experience includes technical documentation for medical devices at Philips and hardware documentation for data centers at APC by Schneider Electric. Outside of the cubicle you will likely find Emily in a hot yoga studio or hiking a trail somewhere in Michigan.

Contact Emily if you are interested in volunteering for or attending Leadership Day.

Connect with Emily on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilyalfson

The 2015-2016 STC CAC has got your back!
If you need help, or have a question or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us.