Who’s There for Communities? Meet the CAC Team for 2014-2015, Part Two of Three

Community leaders will be glad to hear that the STC Community Affairs Committee (CAC) has got their back in 2014-2015. If you need help, feel stuck, or just want ideas, look to the CAC as your connection to STC resources, Board of Directors, and staff.

This is the second of three CAC posts (see the first one here). In this post, we will meet our Leadership Resources leads, Carolyn Klinger and Lori Meyer, and our CAC SIG Lead, Jamye Sagan.

Carolyn Klinger

Carolyn Klinger

Leadership Resources (Web content)

Carolyn Klinger manages the Leadership Resource materials on STC.org.

If you have any suggestions for making the this page more of a resource to you as a leader, contact Carolyn.

Read more about Carolyn at http://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/chapter-bios/klinger-bio/.


Lori Meyer

Leadership Resources (Webinars)

Lori Meyer sets up leadership webinars. Lori, an STC Associate Fellow, is a leader and volunteer in eight STC communities. She is looking forward to serving on the CAC to help fellow chapter and SIG leaders stay enthusiastic about their involvement with STC.

Contact Lori when you want to present a webinar, attend a webinar, or add something to the Leadership Resources page on STC.org.

Read more about Lori at http://wdcb.stcwdc.org/about-us/chapter-bios/meyer-bio.

jamye self portrait 002.jpg

Jamye Sagan


Jamye Sagan works directly with Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to access resources and solve problems. Jamye has managed one SIG, and looks forward to working with all the SIG leaders. She is a Senior Member of STC.

Contact Jamye for any issue relating to a SIG including organization, websites, focus and membership.

The 2014-2015 STC CAC has got your back! If you need help, or have a question or suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us. Look for more CAC and Community posts using the tags CAC and Communities