Bernard Aschwanden

Bernard Aschwanden

President, Publishing Smarter

What do I do? In a word: communications. A recognized expert in communications and related technology (think tools, process, DITA), I present across Europe and North America to organizations big and small. I am an Adobe Certified Expert, a Certified Technical Trainer and the author of numerous publications on publishing and single sourcing including Advanced FrameMaker, XMetaL Author: A Hands-On Guide to Developing DITA Compliant Documents, and FrameMaker: A Hands-On Guide to Developing DITA Compliant Documents.

I founded Publishing Smarter, am an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, and a Past President of the international STC. In over 20 years I have helped hundreds of companies implement successful publishing solutions. My focus is on improved communications and helping people and business by publishing better, publishing faster and publishing smarter.