Dr. Craig Baehr

Dr. Craig Baehr

Professor of Technical Communication, Texas Tech University, CPTC Chief Examiner

Craig Baehr is an STC Fellow and Professor of Technical Communication at Texas Tech University. He has served STC as Chief Examiner of the Certified Professional Technical Communicator Program, Chair of the Certification Committee, Chair of the TCBOK Committee, Program Director of the Academic SIG, and as Faculty Advisor for the Texas Tech University Student Chapter. Dr. Baehr is author of three books, Web Development: A Visual-Spatial Approach, Writing for the Internet: A Guide to Real Communication in Virtual Space, and The Agile Communicator: Principles and Practices in Technical Communication. Previously, he worked in industry as a technical writer, editor, Web developer, and program director for ten years for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.



ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Introductory Markup and Scripting with HTML and CSS February 23, 2021
Web Design and Development October 17, 2017