Purchase the Salary Database Excel workbook

Current 2019 STC members have free access to the new 2017-2018 Salary Database (in PDF format) and Excel workbook from their confirmation email once they join or renew. Please check your  email for links to the PDF and Excel workbook.

Nonmembers, or 2018 STC members who have not renewed, may purchase the Salary Database PDF and Excel workbook at the links below, or just the Excel workbook only for $60.

Options to Purchase

Read below for an explanation of your purchase options for the 2017-2018 Salary Database. Click on the header for what you would like to purchase

Excel workbook only

Salary Database PDF only

The Salary Database PDF provides a year-in-review analysis of the labor markets for technical writers by Industry Insights, and a series of national maps displaying the regional changes in technical writer employment and wages from the previous year.

The accompanying Excel workbook is very helpful for those who would like to undertake their own cross-regional analyses or industry comparisons without the bother of having to convert the tables from an Acrobat file. Data users are able to download the workbook and immediately start their own customized work (see below for details).

The Excel workbook allows you to format, analyze, and manipulate the data easily. Included are:

  • The Geographic Series contains all of the employment and wage data for the most recent three years for:
    • All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico
    • All 11 Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs)
    • All Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)
    • The nonmetropolitan areas in which technical writers worked that year
  • The Industry Series provides industry employment and wage data for technical writers for all industries that employed technical writers during the most recent three years. The data are available at three levels of detail:
    • Major Industry Groups (2-digit North American Industrial Classification System [NAICS] codes); e.g., Healthcare and Social Assistance Services
    • Industry Groups (3-digit NAICS codes); e.g., hospitals
    • Industry Subsectors (4-digit NAICS codes) e.g., general medical and surgical hospitals
  • The Profession Series provides employment and wage data for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico for technical writers and four competing professions for the most recent three years.


STC is always looking for ways to better serve members. Users of STC’s Salary Database are invited to share their ideas for making this report even more valuable to a job search, hiring, or budgeting process. Send us your suggestions.