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Director at Large

I love technical communication because it lets me be many things at the same time. Our profession is so varied, and touches so many areas of endeavor; it’s almost a mirror of society. It’s been said that this is the best time in history to be a technical communicator, and I share that belief. The developments that are pushing us from a tactical to a strategic role in our organizations prove it.

This is why I am so pleased to be able to serve on the STC board of directors. I see STC as potentially one of the strongest international technical communications organizations anywhere, influencing the direction the profession takes. I hope to help STC become even more proactive in strengthening and promoting our profession. I want to help us collaborate with other technical communication organizations worldwide, as well as organizations in related fields, to strengthen the role of content workers of all types and help them achieve success.

Ray Gallon is the owner of Culturecom, a consultancy specializing in the marriage of user experience and user assistance. Culturecom offers clients a unified service that blends aspects of content strategy, information architecture, user experience and interface design, business analysis, and user assistance.

Ray studied at Case Western Reserve University and graduated from the University of Alberta. His background, like many technical communicators, is eclectic, spanning cultural activities, technology, and media, including many years as a radio journalist and producer with CBC and NPR networks. In the late 1980s, Ray served as program manager of public radio station WNYC-FM in New York.

Ray is past president of the STC France chapter, and has served two years on STC’s Community Affairs Committee (CAC), including one year as communications lead. He is a frequent speaker at events throughout the world, on technical communication and media subjects, and has taught at institutions such as New York University, The New School (New York), CELSA (Paris), l’Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier, France), and l’Université de Paris Diderot.

Ray is a truly international person who holds three passports and speaks five languages. He has worked in eleven countries on four continents. Even his daily life crosses borders, sharing time between the Languedoc region of France and Barcelona, Spain.