July 2019

Content Design and Development for Machine Delivery

Is your content ready to be parsed by machines? Are YOU ready to design machine-readable content that can be delivered in the context of your users? Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence?

In this month’s roundtable, we look at a few key topics to raise your (natural) intelligence level around designing content for emerging technologies.

Weekly Content

User Context & Prediction

Your users are NOT all created equal; why should they get the same content? In this webinar we look at some examples of user context, examine the relationship between information and user context, and how current research on context and prediction may be used to drive future technologies.

Are Chatbots Taking Over User Assistance?

This article reviews business research from the last few years to examine the rate of chatbot adoption and its impact on user assistance. The article discusses the paradigm shift to Conversation as a Platform and looks at some pitfalls for adopting chatbots in user assistance. The article aims to help information developers understand the state of the industry and how they can adopt a mindset that considers automated conversation as an effective form of user assistance.

Panel Discussion- The future of Content Formats for Machine-Readable Devices

In this panel discussion, Sara Feldman, MindTouch; Fabrice Lacroix, Antidot; Lois Patterson, Technical Writer at an International Company join Toni to discuss (and debate) the future of content formats for machine-readable devices.

Key questions: What’s the reality today? What’s the reality tomorrow? What design and structure will machines need to effectively parse human language? Is there a scenario that would integrate structured content with NLP?

Curator’s Choice

Toni Ressaire interviews CJ Walker, founder of Firehead, a recruiting agency based in Europe that matches information developers with companies who need digital content skill sets.

CJ talks about industry trends and what hiring companies are looking for, based on her experience.


Articles to Download

Curator Bio:

Toni Byrd Ressaire:

Toni Byrd Ressaire is a consultant, trainer and information developer. Her company, Info4Design, is dedicated to research, training and designing information for emerging technologies. Toni is co-founder of the Information 4.0 Consortium. She teaches Information Development and Design at Cork Institute of Technology. Toni received a Master of Science in Technical and Scientific Communication from James Madison University in Virginia, USA.

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