Roundtable August 2019 with Colleen Jones

Content Measurement + Intelligence

Does the content we make, make a difference? We all face that question, in one form or another, sooner or later. The good news is we can answer that question faster, easier, and with more confidence now than ever before. The catch? Measuring content requires time and effort up front to set up a system—a system called content intelligence. This curated series will help you start and use such a system to measure your content’s impact to inform content decisions and to show its value.

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The Elements of Content Intelligence: Set Up a System to Measure Content + More

If you want content intelligence to be more than a nice idea, this set of resources is for you.

  • The whitepaper introduces a three-step process for establishing a system of content intelligence.
  • The course offers more detail, a variety of examples, and the opportunity to work through activities.
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Measuring Content Effectiveness

Does your content work? It’s a critical question that sounds simple. But answering it is as complex as it is critical. This webinar will make answering it easier by offering a framework for measuring content effectiveness, introducing a content KPI matrix, and sharing tips supported by research or examples.

Join Colleen in this live webinar on Tuesday, 13 August from 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT (GMT -4).

Panel Discussion: To Content Measurement, Intelligence, + Beyond

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. For content measurement, that is! If you have experienced highs and lows in measuring content, you’re not alone. This panel discussion will reveal the challenges, opportunities, and successes different content leaders from The Home Depot, Wolters Kluwer Health, and Expedia have experienced as they take measuring content from a nice idea to reality. We’ll discuss issues such as

  • Being data rich and content insight poor
  • Making the case for measuring content
  • How measuring content makes a difference to governance
  • Methods and tools for measuring content and assembling content intelligence

Hosted by Colleen Jones, the session will offer moderated discussion interspersed with brief panelist presentations. And, of course, your questions will be welcome.

Introduction to ContentWRX

Learn how ContentWRX works to make understanding your content’s effectiveness achievable and scalable. We’ll walk through:

  • What a ContentWRX evaluation is and how to set one up
  • Understanding the ContentWRX evaluation score
  • Analyzing results in the ContentWRX dashboard
  • Using advanced ContentWRX features

Curator Bio:

Colleen Jones:

A content expert and Star Wars fan, Colleen Jones is the author of The Content Advantage and founder of Content Science, a content strategy and intelligence firm where she has advised or trained hundreds of the world's leading organizations to become Jedi Masters of digital content. She also is the former head of content at Mailchimp, the small business marketing platform recognized by Inc. as 2017 Company of the Year.

Colleen has earned recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Content Marketing by a TopRank study, a Content Change Agent by Society of Technical Communication's Intercom Magazine, and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Content Strategists by multiple organizations. Colleen is a member of Mensa and an active supporter of women in technology. Colleen speaks at conferences and corporate events around the world, from San Francisco to Sydney.

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