April 2019

Content Strategy & Experience

The theme for April 2019 is Content Strategy. We will look at what content strategy actually is, how content strategy applies in a range of content environments, why to consider incorporating content strategy into your technical communication work processes, and where you can use content strategy to bridge silos. As part of the discussion, we will also delve into content operations, the logical outcome of a content strategy, and how reframing the practice may affect adoption, especially in Agile environments.

Weekly Content

Content Strategy Leads, Efficient ContentOps Follows

Rahel Bailie presents a webinar on content strategy. She looks at the progression of content strategy, particularly how it applies in the technical communication world, and why it's important to develop a content strategy to inform your technical communication processes. Not only does a content strategy help with an operational model for content, it also helps bridge silos between techcomm and other groups, such as development and marketing.

Five-Pillar Approach for Gap Analyses

The gap analysis is a standard tool for analyzing performance issues, but doing a gap analysis as part of a content strategy requires more than the average set of questions. Learn about Rahel Bailie's five-pillars approach, with a handy toolkit that you can put to use in your own workplace.

Five Pillars Approach to a Content Strategy Gap Analysis

Content Strategy Deep-Dive with the Experts

Rahel Bailie hosts an online panel discussion with content strategy experts Ann Rockley, Jeff MacIntyre, and Heinz Wittenbrink. The focus is on the breadth of content strategy as it applies across functional areas, operations and design, and skillsets for practitioners.  Panelist will discuss marketing and tech comm strategy similarities and differences, content operations that flow forth from content strategy, content design, and what to look for when hiring content strategists.

Customer Experience: Where TechComm Meets Marcomm

Technical communicators often work under the radar, and they may feel that their marketing counterparts are getting all the visibility (and budget!) because of their link to sales.

Customer experience is changing all of this. A Walker study found that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Marketing and technical communicators alike need to take steps towards one another to create customer-centric content strategies that demonstrably drive company growth.

Content Strategy & Experiences Resources

Intercom Magazine, https://www.stc.org/intercom/

Content Strategy Alliance, https://contentstrategyalliance.com/

Content Strategy Templates and Tools, https://contentstrategyalliance.com/resources/csa-handbook/

Content Strategy Community, https://www.contentstrategy.com/community

ContentOps Slack Group, https://content-ops-community.slack.com/

Information 4.0 Consortium, https://information4zero.org/

Gather Content Resources, https://gathercontent.com/resources

Content Marketing Institute, Developing a Content Strategy, https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/developing-a-strategy/

Content Strategists Facebook Group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/contentstrategists/?ref=br_rs

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Curator Bio

A results-driven, seasoned consultant with extensive experience in digital transformation. I have a strong track record of delivering end-to-end content systems in the context of digital strategy projects, often in environments with complex content delivery requirements. I'm the professional who delivers the hard truths and sometimes difficult prescriptions that help organisations leverage their content as a business asset.

In short, I systematise the delivery of content. That means analysing business problems to see where content is preventing organisations from meeting their business goals, define content offerings, and then develop systems that integrate various types of content into a coherent strategy to optimise its production and delivery in a way that allows it to be used to meet the goals of the organisation.

Bringing decades of experience to the field, I apply a strong understanding of the complexities of managing the editorial and technical aspects of content. to ensure that content is the driver for existing and emerging channels within the context of a rich customer experience. My strength as a diagnostician allows me to apply strategic analysis across a range of organisational requirements, aligning the needs of the business, customers, content, and technology, to deliver compelling experiences into existing channels and allow for rapid adoption of emerging channels.

Diagnosing systemic content problems and developing roadmaps to implement for success,
Working with content management integrators during CMS implementations,
User experience consulting with a content-driven design approach,
Evidence-based content design methodology,
Content strategies supporting omnichannel marketing, multichannel delivery, digital and print,
Integration of enterprise content for brand alignment,
Training and guidance of content professionals on best practices for digital content development.