June 2020

Career Transitions in Technical Communication

with Curator CJ Walker

Join us as CJ Walker, our June curator, provides insight and guidance on career transitions in Technical Communications.

What will content development be like in 10-20 years? What will change? What do you need to learn and do to stay relevant?

This month’s Roundtable focuses on career transitions. Our curator, CJ Walker will explore the answers to these questions and more:

  • What can you do with your existing technical communication skills to move your career forward?
  • What are your options either within the field or transitioning into another one using the skills you have in your portfolio?
  • How do you leverage the skills you have?
  • What new skills do you need to acquire to fill the gaps?
  • And where is technical communication going in the new age of AI?

It’s going to be a busy month!

Join us for these highlights with curator CJ Walker:

Week 1: Live webinar

Week 2: Resources

Week 3: Panel discussion 

Week 4: Additional resources

Curator Bio

CJ Walker

CJ Walker is the founder and managing director of Firehead, a recruitment and training consultancy working across Europe in digital communications.

Through Firehead, she recruits and trains talent in technical communications, digital content management and strategy, and works to help content professionals develop the skills necessary to move into the age of AI.

A Cajun-Swede now settled in France, CJ’s academic background is in linguistics. Her professional career spans technical communications, instructional design, data intelligence, and digital communications.

She is a member of the board of the Information 4.0 Consortium and the International Manager for the ISTC. She is past-president of TCEurope and of the TransAlpine chapter of the STC.

She has a passion for metadata and semantic technologies that make her happy to finally be able to apply linguistic theory to the real world and real clients. She works in English, French, Swedish and Sign Language.