July 2020

Inclusive Leadership to Build a More Diverse Culture

with Curator Joanne Lee

Join us as Joanne Lee, our July curator, provides insight and guidance on inclusive leadership practices.

Many organizations rely on diverse, multidisciplinary teams that combine the collective capabilities of various gender identities, people of different cultural backgrounds, abilities, and ages.

These organizations rely on inclusive leaders to help them achieve a high level of performance. Inclusive leaders build a more diverse culture and work environment where team members feel that they are treated respectfully and fairly, are valued and have a sense that they belong, and are confident and inspired.

We will take a closer look at the framework for inclusive behaviors and how these leaders leverage diversity to enhance team performance.

Over the month of July, participants will be introduced to Inclusive Leadership to Build a More Diverse Culture. We will launch the first session by taking a closer look at the characteristics and behaviors of Inclusive Leaders through an hour-long webinar. In the second week, participants will have an opportunity to review relevant case studies. During the third week, participants will observe a live Q&A panel of experts discussing strategies for inclusive leadership. Finally, the last session will end by providing the participants with tools and resources to help them become more intentional with their inclusive leadership efforts.

Curator Bio

Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee is a Leadership Development Learning Design and Delivery Professional for the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services. She has over 15 years of experience working in various workforce development roles.

She currently serves as a Co-Chair for Equity Team for Workplace Learning Performance at the Department of Enterprise Service, Diversity and Inclusion Director for the Seattle S.H.R.M., a sub-committee chair for the Washington Immigrant Network (W.I.N.), a committee member for E.S.G.R. in Washington State, and T.R.A.I.N Consortium at Pierce County Washington.