May 2020

Surviving and Thriving While Working Remotely

with Curator Brenda Huettner

Join us as Brenda Huettner, our May curator, provides insight and guidance on surviving and thriving while working remotely.

Telecommuting, remote work, work at home – these may have slightly different connotations but they all refer to ways of doing traditional work outside of a traditional office setting. A recent survey* found that due to the current global pandemic, approximately 88% of employers worldwide are currently encouraging or requiring their employees to work from their homes.

This month's Roundtable focuses on what that looks like, reviewing ways to set up a space, establish a schedule, connect with your coworkers, and get your work done in what is often a chaotic environment. We'll talk about the technologies that enable people to work remotely, and the interpersonal and communication skills that are required for people to do it well.

Join us in May to discuss what works – and what doesn't! – when you're working from home.

Join us for these highlights with curator Brenda Huettner:

Week 1: Live webinar on Thursday, 7 May at 1:00 PM Eastern

Week 2: Resources

Week 3: Panel discussion on Thursday, 21 May at 1:00 PM Eastern

Week 4: Additional resources

Listen to Brenda  introduce the topic in this short podcast.

Curator Bio

Brenda Huettner

Brenda Huettner is an independent technical communication consultant who has worked for the past 30 years as a writer, editor, trainer, and manager, for both software and hardware companies, onsite and from home. She’s a principal of, an online encyclopedia of microwave engineering knowledge.  Brenda is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, and a Senior Member of IEEE, active in the Professional Communication Society, Microwaves Theory and Techniques Society, and the Tucson section. Brenda has published several books and articles, and presented half-day, full-day, and multi-day courses on writing, project management, usability, and career management. She also participates in NASA’s volunteer Solar System and OSIRIS-ReX Ambassador programs.