Free STC Member-Only Webinar: Content Mayhem: A Case Study of Theory, Technology, and Continual Content Improvement

In health and medical contexts, effective materials are those individuals can use easily and successfully. The process of designing materials to facilitate their use is known as “usability.” Achieving it involves addressing who will use materials, when, where, and how. Such complexities can be difficult to identify, but they are essential to creating products that meet audience expectations and needs.

Measuring and Improving the Quality and Completeness of Your Documentation

My boss, the King of Continuous Improvement, threw down the gauntlet when we set my goals for last year. He asked me to come up with tangible ways to measure and improve the quality and completeness of our user documentation. We all know that measuring documentation is an extraordinary complicated thing to do. And just how do we know our documentation is complete? In this session, I will share with the several initiatives my team took to tackle this challenge with hopes of inspiring you to take a fresh look at how you might improve the performance of your own team and the satisfaction of your customers with the content you produce.