64.2, May 2017

On the Cover

When creating my piece, I focused on the phrase “Globalizing User Experience” and created two heads to represent the people on earth. The two heads can be female or male and could be any race. I leave it up to the audience for interpretation. In the head on the left, I created a keyboard because it ties in with technology, and through technology people around the world communicate. In most cases they use some sort of keyboard. In the head on the right, I created part of the map of the world to represent “globalizing” and within the map I created a circuit board because everyone in the world is connected in that we all make up earth’s population. Everyone around the world communicates in their own way, but most often their user experience is through technology, so in my piece I show the interaction that happens through technology globally.

About the Artist

Makenzie Maddox is an undergraduate student at Kennesaw State University who will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in New Media Arts. This degree incorporates graphic design, illustration, and advertising. Makenzie is motivated to disburse positive messages and enjoys finding inspiration through literary, musical, and other artistic endeavors. She is available at makmaddox47@gmail.com.

Honorable Mentions

The illustration I created visually represents how UX designers have to keep in mind the cultural constraints of different regions of the world and somehow figure out an aspect of commonality in the product for it to be used across a wide array of cultures. The Earth in the illustration is going through a chemical process where its essence is being extracted through a funnel. The essence then goes through various tubes and funnels and ends up in a glass which is kept in a machine that reads “Global UX Index Meter”.

About the Artist

Mansoor Makba is a student in the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan. He studies in the field of communication design and is extremely passionate about it. He is an illustrator, graphic designer, film maker and musician. He hopes to later pursue a carrier in advertising. He is available at mmmakba@gmail.com.

To me user experience is a process that the brain does mechanically. It is something that humans do unconsciously and is powered by our individual experiences and intellect. Gears turn within us so that we interact with technology. All around the world users experience technology in different ways. It can be a good experience, a bad experience, or even a neutral one. Either way interaction with the technology is a majestic, complex thing that sometimes is hard to explain.

About the Artist

Ashley T. Sutton is an undergraduate studying New Media Arts at Kennesaw State University. With her New Media Arts degree, she hopes to pursue illustration, graphic design, and animation. She enjoys drawing and conveying powerful messages through her illustrations. She is available at asutto12@students.kennesaw.edu.