64.4, November 2017

On the Cover

When I read the words “changing nature” in the call description for cover illustrations for the November issue (“new media and the changing nature of technical communication”), I immediately thought of the word evolution. So I wanted to play off the “evolution” artwork without being too obvious. My graphic starts with a boy and shows his evolution through the years of life. The earlier stages represent more established media that evolve into the now, new media.

About the Artist

Ed Rempfer is the first two-time and consecutive winner of the journal’s cover competition (see also the August 2017 cover). He is a Multimedia Content Developer at SofterWare, Inc., where he creates websites, videos, animations, and graphics in the User Experience department. He has worked in the creative media industry since 2003—from a bustling advertising agency to a growing software company—and loves every minute of it. He also indulges in creative hobbies like singing, playing the piano, and playing video games. Ed is available at erempfer@softerware.com.