65.3, August 2018

On the Cover

To answer the Society for Technical Communication’s call for covers that “[rethink] audience and users in technical communication,” we designed a graphic that contrasts a stereotypical view of audience with a more realistic, inclusive view. Our graphic features glasses that focus certain words within the frame to demonstrate a clearer view when audience is reconsidered. The two lenses of the glasses highlight audience diversity and the context in which the audience receives technical writing. Our research indicates that as technical communication grows, communicators will effectively connect with their readers’ different backgrounds and needs by addressing this diversity and context. The words within the lenses answer questions about audience characteristics and thus are keys to maintaining a connection to the audience. Drawing inspiration from previous successful covers, we used Paint.NET to create a simple and engaging design. We methodically selected representative words that were specific and accurate. The cover we propose here demonstrates the clear view that audience is changing before our eyes.

About the Artists

Jaime Renman is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy with minors in Biology, Public Health, and Spanish. She hopes to bridge these academic studies and passions by working in the field of public health to create health policy that addresses health disparities. She can be reached at jrenman@udel.edu.

Larissa Gaul is an undergraduate student in University of Delaware’s environmental engineering program. She is focusing on water quality and resources, with a minor in environmental policy. Her studies use technical writing and other engineering skills to develop solutions for issues like water contamination and shortages. Larissa also participates in research on various environmental topics. She can be reached at larsagul@udel.edu.