67.2 May 2020

On the Cover

On the Cover

The cover recognizes STC Fellows past and present for their contribution as mentors and muses to the authors of the articles in this research journal from its earliest issues. The abiding support of these exemplary members of the profession for rigorous inquiry and its application to teaching and practice is a continuing source of inspiration for researchers across the field.

Cover design: Heidi L. Everett

Watercolor background by Freepik


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  • What a pleasant surprise to find my name being recognized as a mentor or muse on the May 2020 cover of the Technical Communication journal! It is a pleasure to work with everyone in STC (members and former members). My role as Book Review Editor provides a special way of mentoring my reviewers as well as their mentoring me in the wily way words can be wielded. (Too many W’s, perhaps!)

    Kudos to Heidi on a wonderful design. Special thanks to Sam Dragga for being an awesome editor-in-chief these past years.

    • Jackie! It’s an honor to be listed here along with the likes of you. Keep up the great and gleeful work (I really tried to find another “g” word). Kudos to you (and the rest of these wonderful Fellows).

  • An amazing list of dedicated and passionate professionals. I think back fondly – and now with even more intense nostalgia – to many conferences together, committee meetings, Board meetings, and chapter events. Thank you, Danke and Mahalo for the recognition and a big virtual hug to all my inspiring peers on the list.