68.2 May 2021

On the Cover


A virtual workspace gives people the luxury to work from anywhere at any time remotely. Employees are often connected via a private network and are able to interact with either using various tools. My illustration depicts people being able to connect from the corners of the world. A remote and virtual workspace saves time and money and is convenient. It is often more productive as employees who have the freedom and flexibility to work on their own time usually produce greater results. A virtual environment means that location is no longer a restriction, which means a greater talent pool.


Diya Singh is an undergraduate senior at Kennesaw State University majoring in Interactive Design. With her concentration in UI/UX, she looks forward to being able to pursue a career in this area. Growing up with a big family, she has learned to work together, especially creatively, with her peers. When not in school, she takes on small art projects for local clients, families, and friends. She hopes her drive and passion comes through in her work. She is available at singhdi0111@gmail.com.

Honorable Mention


Our graphic design focuses on the representation of a standard academic life of college students in the pandemic. The two main features of the visual shown are the core interaction elements, students and the internet. COVID-19 has been lasting, and it has dramatically changed college students’ professional lives in a variety of ways. For safety reasons, instead of sitting in a classroom normally, listening to and communicating with teachers face to face, students are taking notes in front of their laptops and watching avatars or live videos on remote communication platforms at home. These remote communication platforms, to a certain extent, provide more opportunities in improving students’ professional productivity and facilitating their career development. Although online classes may distract attention for some students, recordings and asynchronous videos do give them more room to adapt to autonomous learning and develop self-control. Most of the experimental courses have been cancelled, but there are still a small number of professors willing to give students more intuitive and detailed laboratory observation in the form of a webcast. Meanwhile, there are more internship opportunities than usual because of the lower cost of commuting and less need for in-person activity. Overall, the pandemic has brought both opportunities and challenges to students in cultivating their professional lives.


Yangtian Yan is an international student from China but currently studying at University of Delaware. He is a senior undergraduate student with a Psychology major and a double minor in Economics and Data Analytics. Yangtian is passionate about advocating remote communication and taking full advantage of the shifts caused by Covid-19. He is available at samyyt@udel.edu.

Jiamian Wang is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware studying Computer Science. This Bachelor of Science degree encompasses programming, computational systems, and computers. Jiamian is passionate about spreading positive messages in his designs. He is available at wjm@udel.edu.

Ying Zhangis is an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, studying Statistics. This Bachelor of Agriculture degree encompasses Applied Resources Economics. Ying is passionate about school life as well as creating designs that communicate positive messages. She is available at zha@udel.edu.