69.1 February 2022

On the Cover


This illustration depicts a whimsical representation of the nature of remote work, as it shows a person working “remote” in a hot air balloon. There are other air balloons shown that presumably have passengers as well who are caught up in the remote work environment. This artwork is meant to be metaphoric as it shows the difficulty in making connections in this new way of working as well as the adjustments made by the people who work remotely. Power cords can be seen connecting the person to the other balloons, as well as a couple of younger passengers who are supposed to represent the adults’ experiences having to work from home and within the same space as their family.


Ana Morales’ artwork was selected by a five-member international jury as the winner of the February 2022 STC Cover Contest. Morales’ second submission was selected by the international jury for Honorable Mention. Ana Morales is a student at Midwestern State University (MSU) and is currently studying graphic design. In addition to her studies and time spent creating art, Ana enjoys reading and playing tennis in her hometown of Denton, Texas. While most of her experience is in oil paint, she also enjoys developing new skills in digital painting and video editing. She hopes to utilize those skills in her future career. Her future plans are to apply for the MSU visual art department’s juried student exhibition, where she previously won in the graphic design category.


Honorable Mention



This illustration shows snippets of possible work environments people exist in due to the necessity of remote work. Each scene gives a hint as to a different and perhaps more unusual time that people are caught working their weekly hours and reference the different time zones disrupting normal schedules. Family, teamwork, and creative independence are represented in this composition.