69.2 May 2022

On the Cover


This illustration shows a person indirectly interacting with virtual reality. This cover design also includes a few virtual realities that serve as examples of the different scenarios or simulations that can be explored through the use of virtual reality for research, experience, and leisure purposes. This illustration features a set of what are meant to be virtual reality menu “options” that directly correlate to their assigned virtual reality.



Ana Morales created both the cover illustration and the honorable mention illustration in this issue. Ana is a student at Midwestern State University (MSU) and is currently studying graphic design. In addition to her studies and time spent creating art, Ana enjoys reading and playing tennis in her hometown of Denton, Texas. While most of her experience is in oil paint, she also enjoys developing new skills in digital painting and video editing. She hopes to utilize those skills in her future career. Her future plans are to apply for the MSU visual art department’s juried student exhibition, where she previously won in the graphic design category.


Honorable Mention



This is an illustration of a hand outstretched towards a series of virtual realities. On top of the hand is a set of virtual buttons or queues, which directly relate to the specific virtual realities that person interacts with. The intention of this composition is to place the viewer in the position or perspective of someone interacting with virtual reality and offer a few “snapshots” of various virtual realities that have to do with both entertainment (play) and professional occupations (productivity).