70.2 May 2023

On the Cover

Artists’ Notes

We focus on the four pillars of design thinking strategy in a group setting. On Canva, we created a brain graphic and used small icons to represent the four pillars along with labeling the pillars in the brain. The whole brain is meant to represent design thinking as a whole. The small, labeled areas are meant to represent the four pillars for the use of design thinking in a group setting. We decided to use a brain because a brain is similar to an organization. There are many working parts that come together to create one large system, and there are many elements of a brain that come together to support a human being. In our design thinking system the brain—stimulate, review, converse, and collaborate—all the elements come together to build a successful design thinking system of an organization.

Peter Cauchy is a senior at the University of Delaware majoring in electrical engineering, and Jianna Tsaganos is a senior at the University of Delaware majoring in finance and marketing. They completed this illustration as students in Dr. Jessica Edwards’ technical communication course at the University of Delaware.