70.3 August 2023

On the Cover

Artists’ Notes

This cover addresses the topic “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Technical Communication Workplace.” Each arm or hand reaches above the world toward other hands showcasing how technology has allowed us to communicate beyond seas and borders. The different skin-toned hands and the globe in the background represent the diversity in the workplace and how we are surrounded by different cultures, even when we are not currently thinking about it. Even if technical communicators are not physically working with each other, technology has given communicators the ability to relay content across the globe. The “technology veins” present in some of the hands represent how technology has become integrated into our world and how vital it is for most careers, technical communication being one of the primary careers. Lastly, the hands placed in the foreground reach over the globe, signifying how communication allows anyone to overcome obstacles in this world. In the realm of technical communication, teamwork is vital. On a human level, people need connections and, without them, nothing would be possible. There are times when technical communicators must work alone; however, assistance should never be more than an e-mail away.

About the Artist

Blaine Gillingham is an Eastern Kentucky University graduate awarded a Bachelor of Arts in English with a certificate and a focus on technical and professional writing. He is passionate about both technical and creative writing, creating documents and stories to assist people in any way he can. Currently, he is writing a fiction novel highlighting men’s mental health. He is available at bgillingham1220@yahoo.com.