70.4 November 2023

On the Cover

Artist’s Notes

Tech Comm Nov 23 Cover globe covered in binary codeI decided to tackle the “Digital Interface Analysis and Social Justice” prompt for the final project in my technical writing class. Rather than keep trying to sketch out ideas, I started as if I was writing a response to the prompt “Digital Interface Analysis and Social Justice.” In a few minutes, I wrote, “In a world quickly being taken over by all forms of digitalization, the need to harness this power for social justice becomes ever more pertinent.” Thus, I created the image of a globe with vines coming out of it from an inward digital landscape.

About the Artist

Sarah King Middleton is a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University studying in the English and Writing Professions program. She is also an English and Theatre teacher at Estill County High School in Irvine, KY. She loves giving students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and take creative risks. She can be reached at sarahking_king98@mymail.eku.edu.